What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Refurbished Smartphone?

You might have noticed that most consumers have started to purchase refurbished phones. And if you are thinking of joining the hype, here are some tips to keep in mind before you go ahead with the decision.

What Is A Refurbished Smartphone?

First things first. This is for those who do not know what “refurbished” means. Although the meaning of it might sound cheap, undervalued and damaged, it is not the truth. There is a clear difference between a used phone and a refurbished phone. A used or a pre-owned phone has been used for a significant period of time by its prior owner. If they have taken care of the phone really well, you might be rewarded with a significant discount but if the smartphone has a failed hard drive or other major damages, you will have to write it off or fix it up. However, the phone will be classified as used.

A refurbished device on the other hand was at one point returned to its manufacturer or even a seller for some damage. This could be physical or a software issue. Since they cannot be considered a new, they are fixed and sold as refurbished mobiles.

What Are The Main Reasons For Refurbishing A Phone?

Mobile phones that are damaged during shipping and the returned or unopened devices are usually the main reasons why phones are sent for refurbishing. Also there are devices that come in opened boxes even though the items are unused.

Sometimes, the smartphones come with defective parts and they will need to be replaced. Even such mobile devices are known as refurbished phones. The demo or floor model devices as well as the journalist and the blogger review products are also sent for refurbishing.

The Price Is Always Right

This is the main reason why most customers tend to choose refurbished phones. They come with really attractive prices. Sometimes the discounts could range between 15% and 30% and if you are targeting to buy a phone that is worth around $1000, you might get a discount of around $300. The additional savings can even get you the chance to buy a more luxurious model than you are planning to afford.

Why Waste Money on an Annual Basis?

The smartphone producers tend to release a new edition every year regardless of whether you are able to afford it or not. And the typical case with almost every edition of these release are that come with a few modifications that do not make that much of a difference and definitely not worth the huge bump in the price.

You can sidestep this menace and keep to the previous editions just when the smaller portion of the market updates their phones every year as the companies release their latest phone. You can not only keep in touch with the latest technological developments, you can purchase these devices for a comparatively low price. And the plus point is that the previous user will only have used the phone for about a year.