Common Web Marketing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Web marketing, or digital and online marketing as it is also called, is a fairly recent phenomenon despite its incredibly popular presence in our world today. So much so that it may seem like it has been around forever. And whilst many have not only gotten the hang of it today but are also taking it to higher levels, there are still a few common challenges and pitfalls one might come across. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to minimize this from happening, ensuring a smoother campaign all round.

Keeping People Waiting

Be it your website loading time, your mobile app loading time, the time it takes for your products or images to load, people do not care. They really do not. All they care about is your ability to cater to their requirements, and fast. People do not like to be kept waiting today, so you need to make your services snappy. If your website is lagging, fix it. Either re-vamp it or launch a whole new one. Either way, make sure all your digital marketing material is updated and relevant to the customers, and most importantly, does not make them wait.

Only Marketing Online

Yes yes, this is the digital age and digital marketing is very much the way forward, but that does not mean you should limit all your marketing only to the web. Do not forget to utilize conventional marketing as well. You know, all the mediums that were around before the Internet was around. Promote your website, social media platforms and more via newspapers, brochures and exhibitions. So do not just look for the best bangkok SEO agency, also invest some effort into making the most of traditional marketing methods.

Losing Track

Of your customers too, but mainly your material. In other words, the content you will be uploading. You need to have a clear strategy mapped out for each month, that way you will be able to see what is coming up at a glance. Otherwise, you run the risk of looking like those businesses who put seemingly erratic posts from time-to-time. In fact, what actually happens is that they never plan their digital marketing strategy at all, and post when they suddenly remember to. Never lose track, and always be consistent so your audience always stays connected in turn.

Not Vetting The Agency Well

Small-businesses and start-ups do not often have the resources required for complete web marketing solutions, so they have a preference to contract out instead. Some major companies do this too, purely because they do not want to go through the whole hassle of setting up a department that is already there, just outside. New start-ups and small-business owners are often in the dark about most of the subjects, and can be easily duped if the salesperson is charming enough. Avoid only focusing on what they can do. Ask them about what their limitations are (every company has them), since it will help you better assess whether they can meet your needs now and in the long-term.