Things to do in Bali

Indonesia is home to many islands, the island of Bali is one of them.  Located near Java, the island is popular for many things, including and not limited to Beaches, Fields and Hills. Furthermore with a rich cultural heritage and scenery that would blow away even the most difficult to please traveler, the island is a must visit for all tourists. So if you go to Bali, here a few things you should definitely do.

Hit the beach

With many beaches, some popular among tourists and others hidden away, you can always find a beach that would suit your needs. If you are travelling with family then Mengiat would be perfect for you. With the reef keeping large powerful waves at bay, you and your family can enjoy yourselves to your heart’s content. You can go for a peaceful swim or if you feel adventurous try Parasailing or even jetskiing. If you wish to have a more private space for yourself, or visit a beach that is secluded where it is just you and the sea. Then you can always walk to Bias Tugul, a short trek away from Padang Bai. This area is mostly deserted due to it being only accessible after going down a nearly 500m long rocky path.  But awaiting you at the end of you little cardio workout, is a gorgeous stretch of white sand surrounded by coconut trees. You could swim a little bit if the currents are low, but otherwise just play around in the waves or just bask in the sun and admire the beauty of the scenery around you.

Visit Ubud

Located in a bit more elevated altitude is the wonderful town of Ubud. Primarily known for the traditional craft it produces and dance.  The town surrounded by rice paddies and a rainforest is a wonderful place that any tourist visiting Bali should see.  Couples planning honeymoon getaways should include this town in their itinerary as the place is so romantic. There are many hotels providing ubud bali honeymoon package, therefore you can be certain of finding a good place to stay in and enjoy the beauty around you. You can even learn how the crafts are made or see a performance with your loved one.

Bali has so much to offer. Therefore always travel to this island with an open mind. Don’t just stick to the beaches, explore the other parts of island and immerse yourself in the culture of its people. Do not just vacation there, instead have an experience that would benefit your soul.