ways to be an exceptional manager in today’s business world

Among the many enterprises that exist in the flourishing market place of Singapore, only a limited number are able to reach the summit of their industry and dominate the market as leaders. What makes these organizations so special and what drives them towards such remarkable heights? Simply, it is the strength and effectiveness of the relationship that exit between the managers of the company with its employees, shareholders, suppliers, customers and all other stakeholders. As the decision makers who shape the future of the business, a manager must always do things right and set an example for all their subordinates to follow and in this article, we will look into three such ways in which this can be done.

Effective communication

A manager’s role is to lead the employees who work under them to serve the organization in the best way possible and this cannot be done if there doesn’t exist a smooth communication between the stakeholders and the said decision makers. The operational employees in particular must be able to convey their thoughts and insights to the manager so that they can make informed decisions that will favorably affect all parties of the entity to realize the ultimate goal of achieving the strategic objectives of the organization. By most of the leading business in Singapore mobile phone facilities have been provided for their employees, so that they can share information with their decision makers at all times, no matter where they are. Such managerial decisions increase the efficiency of enterprises, giving them a decisive competitive advantage over their rivals.

Make yourself visible and available

Employees look up to their seniors when going gets tough to encourage them and lead them towards clear waters. An individual who stays put inside a corner room and hardly ever come out is not someone who will be able to inspire his/her workers to do their best. Make yourself available for your workers at all times and try not to be too intimidating towards them. Gain their respect not through fear, but by becoming a father figure that they can rely on. It is always advisable to work inside a glass cubicle instead of a hard brick walled room so that you can create a welcoming atmosphere which would encourage anyone to approach you with any issues they might have.

Encourage teamwork

As a manager, it is your responsibility to encourage your workers to work in a collective manner to achieve common goals that will work for the advantage of the organization as a whole. You can start by developing team spirit among the workforce by engaging in a fun sporting activity off work, organizing a group lunch session or throwing an office party. You will get to know each and every employee for who they really are which will help you create better relationships with them.